If your commercial refrigeration is in need of urgent repair, don’t panic. Arctic Moose specializes in the repair and maintenance of walk in coolers, ice machines, and other commercial refrigeration equipment.

Our goal is to provide the highest service levels, product quality, and customer satisfaction. All our licensed contractors have up-to-date engineering knowledge, and are always abreast of the latest technology. Our experts are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.
With 15 years of experience and service in the commercial industry, we would love the opportunity to add you to our growing list of clientele. We offer unparalleled service, 7 days a week, 24 hour a day with emergency response capability. We pride ourselves in our efficient energy management and monitoring program that enhances product integrity and preventative product loss.

Cellar & Chiller Maintenance

In an ideal world, the beer cellar should be situated directly below the bar – which ensures the shortest possible distance between the barrels of beer and the beer taps in the bar. The cellar itself should be kept at a temperature of 12°C. Modern cellars are generally fitted with a cooling system, operating on the lines of an air-conditioning system ensuring the temperature remains relatively constant. It goes without saying of course that the cellar must fulfil modern health and safety regulations – it must have adequate drainage, be easy to clean, have a suitable water supply and lighting, etc. The cellar should also be large enough to hold at least a weeks supply of beer.
Energy costs are rising. Initiatives to reduce a building’s overall carbon footprint are as well. An energy management program. There are many aspects involved in an energy management program. Cooling and heating a campus, commercial building, or other large facility can represent over 33% of total energy consumption. Thermal energy measurements are required to properly assess energy consumption, as well as control the distribution of chilled and hot water.

Precisely the point

Sub-metering gives you the precision that you need to pinpoint exactly where you are consuming the most energy – to either pass along the costs, or take steps to lower energy consumption. So, back to the original scenario: if you place flowmeters and temperature sensors at each floor, and use the same calculation, you can better determine those areas of energy consumption. Distribution can then be monitored throughout a building, providing the necessary data for:
1. optimization
2. balancing
3. billing
4. development of a strategy to reduce consumption

Many people are faced with the challenge of what technology is best for their chilled water and heating distribution. In this scenario, magmeters and clamp-on flowmeters would be appropriate, each providing unique benefits. There are various flow technologies available to suit different applications.

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