Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining a comfortable temperature i.e. cool in the summer and warm in the winter, will make your customers’ shopping experience all the more pleasurable; this will increase the time customers spend in the shop and thus increase sales. Don’t allow an air conditioning system breakdown to damage your business. By signing up to our maintenance contracts your business will have the benefit of our 24 hour, seven days a week emergency call outs. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for full details of this service.

Split Level can provide cooling, heating and fresh air supply to your office, whether it is a single office or a complete office complex. Keep your team functioning at their best and your clients comfortable all year around by ensuring optimum temperature in the work space.

Air conditioning can be a vital necessity to your business. In the event of a breakdown or fault, it can seriously alter the atmosphere of your shop floor, restaurant or work place. Maintenance contracted clients can enjoy the benefits of our maintenance service.

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